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Emermont Forest
Virtual Escape Room

Role: team member Duration: November 1 - November 30, 2021

Emermont Forest is a virtual escape room experience built for 4-8 players. You and your fellow

hikers will need to put your heads together to make your way past this forest's unique challenges.

Escape mazes, solve puzzles, locate clues, and maybe even meet a magical forest creature!

Engaging in our virtual experience

Here are all of the elements that you need to engage in our virtual experience:

• Google Form:

• 4 backpacks (accessed through Google Slides):

o Escaping The Emermont Forest Green Backpack

o Escaping The Emermont Forest Yellow Backpack

o Escaping The Emermont Forest Red Backpack

o Escaping The Emermont Forest Black Backpack

Annotated Map/ Script

The Introduction

The player experience begins with an introduction to our virtual escape room. In this

introduction, players learn that they need to work together to solve clues and complete tasks in

order to escape the Emermont Forest and get back to their car safely. Moreover, they are

informed that they will not need to Google anything as everything they need to escape can be

found in their backpack or in the clues/tasks/hints. Finally, they are provided with links to four

different backpacks. Each backpack contains all of the items needed to escape, but they all

consist of different additional items to encourage players to work together and determine what

backpack items will be needed to complete the tasks. The introduction ends by reminding players

that the experience is meant to be played in groups of 4-8 people and that it should only take

about 30 minutes to complete.

Section 1

Following the introduction, players are launched right into the start of the game. The game

begins by stressing to players that they will need to get moving quickly if they want to make it

out of the forest before it is too dark.

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